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Notebook - Forcola light backdrop

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The forcola is an evolution of the classic rowlock, or oarlock. Its unique shape facilitates the style of rowing (known as the Voga alla Veneta) adapted to navigate the shallow channels of the Venetian lagoon. The Venetian rowing style enables a single rower (or poppiere) to both propel and steer the boat while standing and facing forward (the oar also acts as a rudder.) Venetian boats have a perfectly flat bottom which enables them to navigate between hannels and sandbanks. Boats such as the gondola and pupparino are asymmetrical, which makes it easier to row with a single oar. The Venetian oarlock is carved from dense hardwoods such as walnut, pear, cherry and maple. Its hardy construction resists both the continuous rubbing of the wood with the oar, as well as weathering and exposure.

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The Venetian Infographics

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The Venetian Infographics

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